SANTEN 参天制药 PC 抗疲劳眼药水 (长期使用电脑/手机人群适用)

SANTEN 参天制药 PC 抗疲劳眼药水 (长期使用电脑/手机人群适用)

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Sante PC Eye Drops (For Computer Smartphone Users)

Blue light emitted by the display of personal computers and smartphones is known to damage the eyes, and recently more people have become aware of such damage. A questionnaire conducted by Santen revealed that more than 70% of respondents answered ‘I feel eye strain more frequently than ever’, with more than 90% of all respondents claiming they feel eye strain ‘when watching an LED display of a personal computer or TV’.

Sante PC is formulated to ease optical damage caused by blue light. To remove the sense of discomfort to the eyes, we selected eight active ingredients for Sante PC. In particular, vitamin B12 to improve focusing function of the eye, chondroitin sulphate sodium to protect the cornea, and vitamin B6 to activate metabolism of damaged eye tissues are contained at the highest concentration.* Sante PC features a sensation of coolness with the eight active ingredients suppressing inflammation and fatigue

Features of Sante PC:

When watching the display of a personal computer or smartphone, Sante PC will ease eye fatigue and damage with the active ingredients providing the effects listed below:

(1) Promoting metabolism of eye tissues damaged by gazing at blue light

(2) Improving the eye focusing function

(3) Preventing eye dryness caused by less blinking while gazing at the display and protecting the cornea

(4) Suppressing itching and red eye due to inflammation



Made in Japan