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Our refund instructions; if the product is damaged, mis-issued, missed, or over the warranty period or there is any dissatisfaction after receiving the product, please within 7 working days of receiving the package (overdue will not be processed, please forgive me) To apply for an unconditional refund, just make sure that the goods that need to be returned are unopened and intact. Forgive me, due to personal factors such as skin allergies, we do not accept returns. It is recommended to conduct a skin test before use. Except for damage, wrong delivery, missed delivery or expiration of the warranty period, the return postage for other reasons will be paid by you. After deducting the amount of the returned goods, if the total amount of the order does not meet the free shipping, the freight will be paid. Except for damage or expiration of the shelf life, AILEMIGO does not accept the return or exchange of opened or damaged beauty products.

Once AILEMIGO accepts the return, it will report it to you by email on the day of receiving the package, and process the refund at the same time. The refund will take 7-10 working days to return to the account you paid at the time.
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