POLA B.A Serum Revup 40ml

POLA POLA B.A Serum Revup 40ml

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POLA B.A Serum Revup

BA skincare is Pola’s ultimate brand which is the one and only solution for those who seek true beauty.

The origin of beautiful skin is to maximize the full potential of each skin cell.

BA series is created as an accomplishment of Pola’s latest technology.

It is given a sense of firmness and moisture to the skin, aiming for fresh and fresh skin impression, Essence of B.A. 

The skin is repeated every day, there is a rhythm of reincarnation. Paula B.A Serum Rebuappu formulated its own cosmetic ingredients ※ The multi-functional cosmetic solution that supports that keep the day-to-day healthy skin.

Dense serum is, familiar to the skin straight, and prepares to the sense of firmness, full of moisture sense of healthy skin 

How to use: 

Use after the application of lotion. Press once in the morning, twice in the evening.


Made in Japan